Stock Based Loans

Top service via major licensed Wall Street, FINRA-registered firms. Use your stocks, bonds, mutual funds & T-bills as collateral for a fast-closing line of credit designed expressly for real estate investors, franchises & business owners. Approval same day, funds deliver in 8 business days on average. Only Picture ID & Broker Statement required…

Stock Based LoansClose More Real Estate Deals Faster… Perfect For Commercial Real Estate Investors, Franchises & Business Owners Who Need Money Fast… Very Low Interest Rates & No Credit Score/Report Required… Credit is not a factor in your financing offer.

No change of stock ownership or sale required.

Only Broker Statement & Driver License Required For Term Sheet!!!

Got Stocks, Bonds and/or Treasuries?

A custom credit program for people who own stocks, bonds and treasuries. This is a very easy program to get approval for. No personal guarantees and very minimal docs required (Picture ID & brokerage statement only.) That’s all you need to get this line of credit period.

  • Financing in 8 business days; Approvals same day.
  • Get A Low Rate 1.5% – 5.5% Credit Line In Days
  • ***Qualifying (Eligible) Securities and their LTVs are as follows:***
  • Publicly traded, free-trading stocks over $5 per share : 70% – 95% of portfolio value
  • U. S. Treasury Bills : 90% – 95% of portfolio value
  • Mutual Funds : 70% – 85% of portfolio value
  • U.S. Government Bonds : 85% – 95% of portfolio value
  • U.S. Municipal Bonds : 80% – 90% of portfolio value
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) : 75% – 80% of portfolio value
  • Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) : Up to 80% of portfolio value
  • Minimum average daily volume : 250,000 shares (not dollars) per day average trading
  • Minimum portfolio value : $87,000. Maximum : No practical maximum
  • Target minimum : $55,000 in credit line financing
  • Take as little or as much as you like : Same rate applies at all times
  • Legitimacy : A fully licensed and regulated U. S.-based lender
  • Insured : SIPC-insured brokerage accounts; FDIC-insured cash accounts
  • No transfer : Securities remain in client’s solely-owned account & title
  • No sale : Securities are never sold to fund the line. Client retains full control
  • Impartiality : We are not compensated by any lender or institution
  • Speedy : Funding in 7-8 business days standard. No credit-related red tape
  • Rights preserved : All dividends paid when earned. Voting rights preserved
  • Protected “Elastic” credit line : When portfolio grows, you get more credit
  • Control : You may terminate at any time without penalty
  • Licensed : Fully licensed, dedicated FINRA-member lender advisors only
  • Tools : 24/7 online access with full suite of professional trading tools available
  • Trading : Freedom to trade in account even while credit line is active

Table above is for general guidance only. Credit is pulled, but only to verify identity and determine that there are no bankruptcies or foreclosures in the past five years. Only the securities are lined, and credit does not affect the loan offer or rate.  All applicants must be prepared to provide a valid brokerage statement and photo ID for term sheet.

You do not transfer ownership or title to your shares with this lending facility

You do open your own account at the top-tier lender we use for this facility, disclosed to you upon receipt of your no-obligation Term Sheet. A lien is placed on your account by the banking division of your lender, and removed when you close the credit line facility. Shares are never sold nor is ownership transferred for this facility when your loan is in good standing. Only licensed, FINRA/SIPC/FIDC-member facilities and parties are involved in maintenance and management of your financing.

Not accepted: Medium Term Notes (MTNs), Standby Letters of Credit, foreign bonds, zero coupon bonds IRAs, or 401K Plans.

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