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Off Market Commercial Real Estate Deals

Not Listed Properties Or Pocket Listings

Off Market Commercial Real Estate Deals
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Big investor firms, Private Equity firms and institutional investors don’t like competition because competition drives the price up, and this does not help their bottom line. Also, if they are not feeling exclusive then they don’t have leverage going into the deal. Leverage is the key to these buyers. Without it, they know that they just waste their time. Therefore, we want to cover some basics of Off-Market commercial real estate deals and how we can help you in finding them or selling them.

 Sell Off-Market & Make More Money

The benefits of selling hotels Off-Market are huge for the sellers. Here is to name a few.

  • Your property is NOT shopped around
  • You don’t have to reduce your price over and over again to attract buyers (If you priced it right of course. If you price it too high out of its fair market value then you will lose buyers. This is a big mistake many sellers make. Price it right with a fair market value and we will help you determine that.)
  • Fewer tire kickers and curious buyers to deal with etc.

Creative Commercial Brokers have a track record of selling all the properties with a full fair market price or sometimes even higher than that.

Off Market Commercial Real Estate Deals Everywhere

For every listed commercial property, there are almost 6-8 off-market properties out there. These sellers are not thinking of selling their properties and they are not in that state of mind for many different reasons. Maybe the timing is not right, or maybe they just don’t want to sell it dirt cheap when the market conditions are not in their favor. Or, perhaps, they don’t want their employees to know that the business is for sale.

Therefore, losing good key employees is not what they want to deal with when they are trying to sell their commercial properties. Especially, in the early stages of selling their property and business.

Creative Commercial brokers are specialized in Off-Market commercial real estate acquisitions and dispositions. Specifically in hospitality assets and well connected with many of these big buyers to help you from beginning to end. We know from the experience that many sellers are looking for a way out at some point but don’t know how to, or which brokerage to contact to.

Because in the sellers’ minds, all commercial real estate brokerages are the same. They are going to list your property, sit on it until a buyer comes along, signing a listing agreement that they can’t even get out of until it expires. Also, with a big commission percentage or fee. It is not what these sellers have in mind. So they just sit on these properties and do nothing. Until someone creative with a different approach comes along and gives them all the solutions they have been looking for.

Is that someone you? If yes, we can deliver and take away all these concerns you may have. With our simple confidentiality agreement, we can assure your property will NOT be listed in any commercially known public domain.

Creative Commercial Brokers can really deliver all these goodies without listing your hotel or commercial property for sale in the major listing services.

We can find you a qualified buyer without letting any of your employees know that your business is for sale. Because we are an Off-Market brokerage.

Can we do all of these things for a reasonable fee without tying you up in a long term Non-Sense listing contract?

Yes, we absolutely can… As a matter of fact, we don’t have a listing agreement of any form. Just a simple two-page fee agreement that everyone can understand with basic English. No complicated language or fine prints!

We understand change happens and we all have to adapt to it. That’s why we have to offer something unique that has not been offered by others, especially big players in the commercial real estate industry. Because this is the only difference that makes us stand out from the crowd.

We offer such a unique service that no big brokerages offer out there. In fact, not even many small brokerage firms offer this kind of service.

For more information and submitting your commercial properties and hotels for sale “Off-Market”, please Contact Us.

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