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How To Identify Clutter

How To Keep Your Home Tidy

When we dig deeper into understanding the psychology of stuff + the emotional connection we have with our belongings and how to identify clutter manifests itself as anything you no longer use, love or need.

Living room without clutter
Living room without clutter

Realizing life is already hectic, we tend to accumulate things that fall into these three categories; However, when you look at the piles of clutter that exist around your home (or desk at work) right now, ask yourself:


Be honest + think about the last time you actually used all of those pyrex pans, plastic containers or all of those pens. How often?


Why doesn’t it have a home then? If you love all of your jewelry (equally) why are some of it stuffed in a bin (in the back of your vanity) where you can’t even get to it, much less enjoy it?


Really…  be honest with yourself! Can you find it when you need it? What would happen if you didn’t keep it? How difficult or easy is it to replace it if you got rid of it? Often times, our struggle between want vs need gets blurred.  



When you look around the house, what sort of things are out of place even though they have a place to live? These can look like personal or household items or anything else that you’re able to say, I use, I love, or I need these things.

#Truthbomb: when putting away the clutter is removed


Take a peek at the dining room table or any of the other flat surfaces throughout your home. Do you notice any piles or black hole areas? Miscellaneous things you may have received (+ could legitimately be this years must-have white elephant gift at the holiday party) or the slew of notes you jotted down on 15 different pieces of paper so you wouldn’t forget them… These my friend, are the things that tend to accumulate because you neither have a place to put them nor do you want to give them a permanent home.  #Truthbomb: everything successful in life is systematized 

Instead of dumping them into a junk drawer or leaving your living room looking like a hot mess… let’s create a plan to either get rid of it or dedicate some of that valuable real estate in your home to put them away.


Clutter is clutter + as we are learning, a cluttered home can be a stressful home. But the million-dollar question is, what does e-m-o-t-i-o-n-a-l clutter look like in your day-to-day life?

Fear, guilt, worry, regret… or sometimes even the feeling that you need to be perfect.

 Often times, this kind of emotional clutter is what holds us back + fills us with so much negative thoughts or feelings that we’re unable to begin moving forward + enjoy life.

And in the book of life…that’s the ultimate goal here, to enjoy all of the wonderful + beautiful opportunities we have.


  • We all have them. Things we do because welp…that’s how I’ve always done it. 
  • Even though, it might cause a headache down the road. 
  • Even though it eats away at the time we could be doing or spending elsewhere. 
  • Even though, it prevents us from being involved in other more productive or beneficial activities. 


We’ve all had a toxic relationship in our life. 

You know that special someone who’s supposed to think you hung the moon but instead makes you feel absolutely terrible about yourself. The friend that completely drains you of your energy. The coworker who has nothing nice to say about anything + knows just how to put you in a bad mood.

For whatever reason, certain people can bring you down; however, let’s all remind ourselves that it’s okay to let go of toxic people. Why…because their presence in your life makes it difficult for you to be unapologetically yourself. 

And if you’re not able to remove them from your life (or avoid them entirely) you can certainly take ownness in identifying the role they’re playing in cluttering up your life by working through it.

#Truthbomb: bad habits, toxic relationships + other emotional clutter will drain our energy + the more you let go of the things that no longer work hard for you, the more you’ll make way for the things that do.


With more than a decade of experience working as a professional home organizer, I’ve both seen + heard it all. 

But when it comes to our mental health…

Understanding how clutter affects your home, your life AND your mind only highlights the importance of prioritizing (or making time) to declutter + organize. 

Clutter is working against us. 

Eating away at the dream of having a beautifully organized home + the life you envision creating… you know, the one you want to come home to after a long + exhausting day; The one you want your family to grow up in. The home you’re working so hard to create.

The place where there’s endless love. Endless laughter.

And yes, endless laundry.

Now that you understand how to identify clutter + the effects it has on us, take a peek at the cost of clutter in your home.

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